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Want to know about solo traveler? Here’s everything that You Should Take into Account

Want to know about solo traveler? Here’s everything that You Should Take into Account

. 6 min read

It is unavoidable. When we face our first trip alone we are filled with fears and insecurities that could lead us to turn back and regret to undertake this new adventure. If that happens to you, think that this experience will be a journey to grow and know yourself. You will see how the “you” who left will not be the same one who will return!

Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

Anthony Bourdain

Discover why Being a Traveler Could Change Your Life?

To know about the solo traveler, we must know what the term actually means? The traveler is, in general, a person who moves from one place, can be from one town to another, from one city to another or from one country to another, to another continuously. He is a lover of the unknown, conducts research on cultural diversity and creates his own itinerary, thanks to which he explores new horizons. For us, trips are life experiences.

The truth is that traveling through cities and countries is a real pleasure for some people. It is to be a connoisseur of destinations, converting the transit through different scenarios, more than in a job, in a passion. There are many details that a traveler takes into account before embarking on his journey to discover new horizons. Stay with us and you will discover why being a traveler could change your life.

What does  Solo traveler do?

Let’s check out something useful that helps us to know about solo traveler.

Although we could imagine that traveling is an experience without complications, that it is enough to prepare the suitcases, the reality is different. The traveler, in general, must have prior preparation and planning.

They are days and months collecting data and places of destination to visit. Once you have decided on the objective, your next step is to inform yourself about the documentation you need to go there: passport, visa, some specific medical requirement such as vaccinations.

The next thing will be to buy the air tickets or to look for the means of transport that best suits you to move and prepare the itinerary of the trip. In general, you must establish an objective prior to the trip and, although the adventure is part of your travel compass, as a traveler you should plan the visit to specific places to enjoy and know, as well as people to interview, meals to try. Everything that moves your passion.

Where does  Solo traveler work?

Being a traveler is part of a person’s passion and lifestyle. Whether planned or not, the objective of a traveler will be to collect experiences.  This is something that we must know about solo traveler. Besides fun, it is possible to make a living by traveling,

TV show

One of the main hobbies of a traveler is to show the experience of their trips. As a traveler, you could, depending on your experience, become part of a team of television programs. When you work for a television medium, you must plan the route, and organize the work team, cameramen and producers that will help to develop the program.


Another cost-effective option, if you want to start a job as a traveler, is to open your own blog, where you can explain the experience of each trip, the places visited and recommendations. If you wish, you can also add photos or videos of your trip, highlighting what you have enjoyed and describing your visitors your experience from start to finish.

Become a blogger by presenting your visitors to those unforgettable anecdotes that you have lived, the pros and cons of what you have done there, everything that you want to convey.

These are not the only places where a traveler can work. The interpreters also have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world.

What does a Solo traveler study?

Currently, there is no university career to be a travel professional. To be a traveler you only need to have an innate talent to show the beauties of the world to other people.

However, many of the travelers are specialists in areas that are part of their work, such as, for example: if you are a journalist you will have writing skills, if you are a professional photographer, your skill will allow you to capture the best scenarios. You can also be tourism specialists, an area that will allow you to determine how to be a good planner and guide.

Difference between Solo traveler and tourist

To know about solo traveler, you must know this. Although both concepts seem to be related to each other, there are some differences that distinguish them.

The traveler plans a more extensive tour, where he speaks with inhabitants of a certain place to know their culture. The tourist, on the other hand, has a shorter time itinerary. He will only dedicate himself to know the desired places and not to inquire about the visited destination.

The search of the unknown, of adventures, is the objective of a traveler. On the other hand, the tourist, generally, his intends to know places that they want to visit such as squares, monuments and more. Simply, the things that do not imply a great investment of time.

For tourists, the trip is a moment of pleasure, a place to get out of the routine, get to know places, go shopping and relax. For a traveler, to be in a different land means to inquire until obtaining his purposes, his rest is obtained in a good meal or observing some fascinating landscape. This is your life, not just a space to rest.

Some Important Tips That you should Know About Solo Traveler

  • 1. Before traveling, research the safest areas of the places you will visit.
  • 2. Prefer to stay in hostels, you will have more chances to meet other travelers and, who knows, perhaps also get a new companion adventure!
  • 3. Day by day writes everything you are living. So you’ll see what to do and what not to do during your next trip and, in addition, you can help other people with the data you keep.
  • 4. Keep your family or friends constantly informed about the places you will visit and the dates you will visit so that they know where to find you in an emergency.
  • 5. The trips are usually long and when you do them alone it is as if time does not pass. Do not forget to take some entertainment, such as music, a book or a tablet, or you can even take that time to complete your blog.
  • 6. Before leaving, hire travel insurance. Illnesses and accidents are unpredictable, so it is best to be covered in any situation.
  • 7. Participate in the free tours of the cities. This way you will meet other travelers from whom you can learn a lot about this unique profession.
  • 8. Don’t expose yourself to situations where you could end up sick, like eating the food of dubious origin or forget about the mosquito repellent. There is nothing more terrible than ending up in a hospital in another country alone!
  • 9. Before starting your trip, photocopy and scan your identity documents. Ideally, you should leave the originals in a safe place and go out on the street with copies only.
  • 10. Bring enough money for what you plan to do or have a plan b in case you run out. It is not very pleasant to stay without a peso when you are traveling.

  • 11. Travel with a light suitcase or backpack, it is not so easy to find a charitable soul to help you climb stairs or carry your bag.
  • 12. Take a piece of paper with the address of the place where you are staying.
  • 13. Every time you have WiFi open Google Maps so that maps of the surroundings are downloaded. Remember that this application works without internet and can save you from many!
  • 14. Dare to enter typical bars and restaurants, to soak up the culture of the place where you are.

Hope this post helps to know about solo traveler. Travel as much as you can and feel the essence of living at its level best originality by becoming a solo traveler.