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Visiting the Land of Smiles? Here is everything you should know to have the best Travel experience in Thailand.

Visiting the Land of Smiles? Here is everything you should know to have the best Travel experience in Thailand.

. 5 min read

Nicknamed as the “Land of Smiles”, traveling to Thailand is definitely a bucket list for most of the Globetrotters. With more and more people flocking to Thailand, it has more than 30 million visitors every year and the numbers are ever increasing.

Thailand is an exotic country with a rich culture, beautiful beaches, half moon parties, delicious food, trip to Thailand is the perfect escape for beach bums and fun seekers. The best part about Thailand is the warm hospitality of the people and their relaxed nature.

With that being said, traveling abroad can be a tricky experience at times when you are completely in new surroundings.

Being a top holiday destination for tourists, here are some of the crucial things to know to have dream Travel experience in Thailand.

Greet with the “wai”…

The first and foremost important point when visiting a foreign country is to brush up some general etiquettes of the locals. When greeting a stranger, Thais are always polite and respectful, and they really appreciate when they receive the same respect in return.

To greet any Thai local, just don’t put your hand forward to say “hi” instead if you’re female say “sa-waa-dii-ka” and “sa-waa-dii-krap” if you’re male while using the gesture of “wai” while greeting. To perform the “wai gesture” you just need to place the palms together like a prayer over your nose and bow slightly.

Whenever you arrive and leave a place, whether passing by locals or even greeting a monk, this gesture will surely gain you some brownie points.

Beware of Scams

To be honest, scams are everywhere in Thailand. In fact, it’s a well-developed network that has been around for decades.  And being a tourist you will be targeted with scam everywhere but you should always stand on your ground.

Starting from overcharging foreigners to convincing them to buy antique jewelry and “fashion”, at “exclusive “ prices, the network is huge. The scams are usually done by “tuk-tuk “drivers for collecting commission off your visit. The stores may look authentic but the jewelry is fake.

Another prevailing scam is the driver saying that a particular destination “is closed” and instead take you to some other destinations just to earn some commission. But never believe a driver instead ask some other driver or the locals. No matter how beautiful the place is always making sure to keep your wits. To avoid an embarrassing travel experience in Thailand, beware of this.

 Thai Culture etiquette

Being a land of Buddhism, monasteries, temples and religious sites are highly respected in Thai society. The Thais expect visitors to pay a certain level of respect at Buddhist sites, in most cases which are temples. Remember wearing miniskirts or shorts, see-through material unless you carry a kaftan or coverup. Wearing short dresses are considered offending the local people, which one would never want.

Not all temples have dressing code except Wat Pha Kaew , Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

You will find portraits of The Thai Royal Family almost everywhere in the country.

In Thailand, Anger is regarded as a lack of self-discipline. Try to remain to compose and smile. Another thing to keep in mind is never to point your foot at a person or object. As a friendly gesture never thinks of touching the head of any Thais. They regard the head as the highest part of the body and never appreciates anyone disregarding their belief. Don’t try to click pictures everywhere as it is considered a lack of respect.

Food in Thailand

Thai’s has taken street food to an all level. The food is a huge part of the allure of Thailand. Such diversity, quality, and quantity exist nowhere other than Thailand. You will come across a lot of warnings regarding the food but never let the fear of Bangkok Belly take away from your experience. One can get dinner at about one to two dollars at a street stall. The food is a bit spicy and Thai cuisine never use salt in the preparation. Talking about food, fruits in Thailand is simply amazing. There are fruits which you may have never heard of like like durian, wax apple, pomelo, gac…last but not the least eating with a fork is considered rude in Thailand.

The hot lady is a ladyboy

Don’t be shocked if you are traveling in local transport and the hottest lady there is a ladyboy. Thailand has a huge trans population. The Thai meaning for ladyboy is Kathoey, which refers to a man dressed as a woman. This is an integral part of Thai culture where many cities host about ladyboy cabaret shows as well.


In Thailand, a Taxi ride is much cheaper than the ubiquitous “Tuk Tuk” which can often travel faster. Whenever you are boarding a taxi always make sure that the taxi driver puts the meter on. However on Tuk Tuk, there is no such thing as meter and the drivers are so used to ripping off new tourists to Thailand that even with negotiating and walking away, you will not get them to take you to places for the same low price a comfortable, air-conditioned taxi will. If you are booking a Tuk Tuk be warned about a heart attack.

Traveling to Thailand can possibly be the best trip of your life. This is a country where one never gets bored. Being a very hospitable country Thailand remains the top tourist destination of all times. The country has its own set of uniqueness filled with warmth and love. Just a small reminder be mindful of your vacation and you can have the best experience in Thailand and that too in a budget.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet the most relaxing and entertaining vacation then Thailand is your answer.