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The Best Summer Safety tips to enjoy a cool summer

The Best Summer Safety tips to enjoy a cool summer

. 5 min read

When summer arrives we find new outdoor activities and a lot of fun with children. However, so much fun should not make us forget the essential safety measures in summer to avoid emarassing experiences.

Falls, bites, burns, and drownings are the most common things that you need to avoid to stay healthy this summer. Also, we need to keep an eye on children since the statistics say that they suffer the most serious accidents. For that reason, no matter how much we enjoy ourselves, we must never leave aside the security measures that will protect them from the negative effects of summer. Here are some important summer safety tips to help you with the same.

Learn to swim

It sounds obvious, but the truth is that it is not uncommon for an adult not to know how to swim. If this is your case, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s never too late to do it. Remember, it can always save your life. Having control over your body in the water to stay on a float and move without consuming too much energy is essential to stay safe and enjoy a great beach vacation this summer.

It is important never to go against the current because it will end up being exhausted and running out of air very fast.

Hydrate Yourself as much as you can

Exposure to the sun, salt water, all those elements dehydrate you quickly. Always try to carry plenty of water and light foods with you so that the sun and dehydration don’t disorient or weaken you excessively. Also, try to stay under shade and avoid exposure to the sun for long periods. Always protect yourself from the sun with a sunscreen, as dehydration can be severely aggravated by sunstroke.

Do not consume Excessive Alcohol

This is one of the most important summer safety tips. If you are already dehydrating your body by exposing yourself to the sun, don’t contribute to this by drinking alcohol. Remember, that many accidents on the beach are caused by the irresponsible consumption of If you are going to drink, do it in moderation. Likewise, if you can avoid it in its entirety, better, at least while you are exposed to the sun.

Put solar protector

There is no bigger hassle in summer than an ugly sunburn. So if you visit outdoors, cover yourself with a good amount of sunscreen. It is always a good idea to choose a sunscreen that has a formula that resists sudor.

Choose the time carefully

If you want some fresh air, look at the daily weather forecast to know the lowest temperature of the day and plan your outdoor visiting regimen according to this information. This is an easy way to enjoy a summer trolling and decrease the risks of physical activities during peak hours.

There are many benefits if you go for a walk early in the morning and in the evening hours. In addition to enjoying lower temperatures, you may discover that working out in the hours “that are not peak” gives you the opportunity to clear and mentally prepare for the tasks that await you!

Be equipped

Going outdoors means making some changes in your wardrobe. Get dressed in breathable, lightweight, moisture-absorbing clothes that help to keep your body cool. Also, remember to put on a cap and sunglasses to avoid burning your scalp and protect your eyes.

Do not forget the gym

When you exercise outdoors, it is important to pay much more attention to the signals that your body sends. Do you feel dizzy or experience nausea or shortness of breath? It is a sign that says you need rest, hydration to refresh yourself.

Also, just because it’s summer, it never means that you should forget about the gym! Sometimes it is possible that a room with temperature control is exactly what you need to escape the summer heat even at the time of working out. However, its always better to consult a doctor before starting any exercise program.

Avoid excess sweets

Sweets pass high amounts of refined sugars and unhealthy fats to our bodies. It acts the same for both children and adults. So, we recommend avoiding sweets in summer. You can take it as one of the effective summer safety tips.

Avoid keeping sweets. Instead, promote the consumption of fresh fruits. Keep them always at your fingertips and prepare it in the form of cut fruit, skewers, natural fruit ice cream (without added sugar). Trust me, you’ll forget unhealthy candies! Take a piece of fruit always in your bag and make sure to carry fruit juices in case of trips to the beach or the mountain.

Yoy may opt out for alternatives such as a handful of nuts, 1 natural yogurt or 1-2 cups of popcorn.

Do not get carried away by the labeling of sweets “without sugar” or “light”. In most cases, the sugar in these products has been replaced by other sugars or sweeteners that may have disadvantages similar to those of the original product, or by a greater addition of fats.

Plan meals in advance

Planning is the key to healthy eating. Healthy eating is one of the most significant parts of summer safety tips. Start organizing the weekly menu and ensure the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grain cereals, and good value protein. In this way, you will be much less likely to end up cooking unhealthy dishes.

Avoid Sweetened Beverages

Sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks, packaged juices, energy drinks provide a large amount of sugar and many other substances that are not recommended. This will simply lead to unwannted weight gain.

We can prepare flavored beverages in a natural way, adding slices of lemon or orange or small pieces of fruit such as pineapple or watermelon.

Hope this helps! Stay safe and enjoy the real essence of the sun-kissed warm summer days.