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Planning to travel to Japan? Here’s everything  that you need to know

Planning to travel to Japan? Here’s everything that you need to know

. 6 min read

With this guide to travel to Japan, we’ll help you to prepare a perfect trip to Japan, one of the most wonderful and magnetic places in the world.

By coming up to the top of the list of most visited by travelers and unfortunately sometimes ruled out by the topic of being a very expensive country, Japan is the ideal place to meet and live in. The unique combination of ancient tradition and the most extreme modernity can coexist in true harmony.

All this, together with a fascinating culture and incredibly educated people, make this destination a safe bet and an unforgettable trip. Has it been your choice? Get ready to enjoy one of the most incredible countries in the world!

Touring the most tourist attractions in Japan is also a pleasure! As we said earlier, you can enjoy a cocktail that is sometimes not easy to distinguish from each other. The incredible traditions are palpable in practically every corner.

There’s modernity that can sometimes even look overwhelming that you can’t forget, we are sure of the fact. It will give you unforgettable moments. You will want to travel to Japan again and again!

Traveling to Japan at Christmas?

The winter is drier but cold, it even snows in many points of the island (there is more to remember the Winter Games of Sapporo and Nagano). However, is the ideal time for lovers of skiing and winter sports. As well as to enjoy the New Year’s Party in Japan.

When to Experience blossoms in Japan?

Spring is the most suitable time to visit Japan. The cherry trees are dressed with their precious flowers that will make you spellbound. The best month to visit is the end of April and the beginning of May, where rains are rare and the temperature is very mild.

What About The Flight Fare?

Japan is a pretty cost effective destination. We need to buy tickets with time to avoid price increases. The closer to the travel date tends to be more expensive. Check for all the requirements (schedule, time of scale …). Also, consider the time change when taking the flights. From the U.S if you leave around 5:00 p.m., you’ll end up arriving in Japan at 6:00 p.m. Then you can have your dinner peacefully and rest to start the next day. This will help in getting rid of jet lag. While returning, do the inverse.

Book cheap accommodation in Japan

A tip especially if you travel in high season Get a good guide to prepare your tour and book accommodation from the U.S. The Itinerary looks like 5 nights in Kyoto, 1 night in Miyajima, 1 night in Kanazawa, 1 night in Takayama and 6 nights in Tokyo. You are free to decide what you want to do in Japan!

Always remember, the location of the hotel is important. It depends on your needs mainly. Closeness to the station will help to stay well connected and you’ll be able to enjoy excursions almost daily.

Book a night in a Ryokan, a typical Japanese accommodation

If you travel to Japan, it is because you want to know other cultures and what better way than to enjoy their hospitality.

The Ryokan is typical Japanese accommodations, with paper walls and futon for sleeping. Many of them offer a typical Japanese dinner (kaiseki) and some have onsen (outdoor thermal baths) where you can relax.

Do you dare to also try their capsule hotels in Japan? The capsule hotels are those that are formed by a lot of small niches that make up a kind of honeycomb of rooms. They can be a bit claustrophobic, but it’s a unique experience!

Travel to Japan with tattoos

Tattoos are well accepted in Japanese culture, as they are associated with the yakuza mafia. So, the theory says that it is not allowed to enter the public baths with tattoos (maybe if you can cover it with a small bandage). If you have tattoos, remember before choosing accommodation with shared bathroom. You will save yourself from unwanted surprises!
Buy the Rail Pass before traveling to Japan

Buy the Rail Pass before traveling to Japan

If you plan to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and a lot of cities to see in Japan by the Japan Rail Pass beforehand. This pass allows you to use all the framed train services within the JR. The price depends on the days you want to use it. It looks like a pasture, but it sure pays for itself. Remember that you will have to buy it before going.

Take enough money in cash

Even though Japan is one of the world’s technologies hubs, it is still an important matter to consider to travel with cash. Visa is the most accepted card, although with Master card you will not have a problem either.

Is the best sushi Available in Japanese restaurants?

No, it’s in the port of Tokyo, the one with the most traffic in the world. However, it is common with the other restaurants in Japan is that they all carry wasabi inside. So if you do not like too much the taste of that green dough, remember to order it without wasabi.

Doing laundry in Japan is a true odyssey. So if you see any laundry, do not hesitate to wash your clothes because when you really need it, you will not find it!

Japan is an amazing, orderly, clean country and its people are educated and friendly. To experience the contemporary culture, this is a must visit the place.