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One day in Kansas city

One day in Kansas city

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Kansas City is often called “Paris of the Plains,” the “City of Fountains,” and the “Heart of America.” This is the home to an extensive community of Irish-Americans, who had vital influence in the city’s art and culture. With trendy industry and technology, Kansas is gradually emerging as a hub of a new generation.

Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Dean Hochman

What’s the best time to visit Kansas City?

The weather of Kansas City is quite pleasant around the year through June, July, and August are the hottest months. Try to avoid these seasons and also January, which is the coldest month in here. The rest of the seasons are perfect for the tourists to visit Kansas.

A few facts about Kansas city

Historian Carl L. Becker argues that Kansas is the whole of America in microcosm. Kansas City is nicknamed as the “City of Fountains” because of its 200 fountains. What more? You wouldn’t need any rude pick-up lines to flirt your way. The city is sometimes referred to as the “Soccer Capital of America” due to its popularity of the sport in the locale. Kansas City is also famous for its jazz music. Numerous famous people have been born in this city or stayed here at one point of their lives, including Charlie Parker,  Walt Disney, and Ernest Hemingway.

One day in Kansas city

Follow this guide to make the most of your trip even when you have little time.

Start Your Day at the Kansas City Zoo. The zoo opens sharp at 9:30 AM so that you can start quite early. Aviary is a perfect choice if you are traveling with kids. You can also visit the zoo except them because of all the exotic animals kept in here. The zoo is the house of more than 1300 animals, and it covers an area of 202 acres.

Source: forbes

After the zoo visits The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art on Oak Street, the museum houses more than 35,000 artifices. They are incredibly diversified, celebrate numerous cultures and carry the legacy of ancient Greek sculptures, Renaissance paintings, ancient Egyptian art, Picasso, Warhol, Chinese ceramics, Native American art, and such others. After this head to Downtown and explore the city. Downtown Kansas City is famous for its top-level foodie sots, charming shops, numerous concert halls, and live music corners, etc. You can take a 10-minute walk from Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art towards your west to Main Street, which is the city’s busiest street and avail a bus to reach to various landmarks.

Grab Some Lunch

Jack Stack Barbecue-Freight House is one of the best restaurants in Downtown Kansas City to have some lunch. Try their smoked beef brisket and the flavored BBQ prime rib. You can also check out Joe’s Kansas City BBQ. Keep some time because you will have to face massive rush while in there.

Check Out Union Station Kansas City

After lunch, make sure to visit Union Station, which is a famous historical landmark. The Grand Hall of this place is pretty impressive with its 3,500-pound chandeliers and a substantial six-foot clock at the central arch.

Cherish your time at the Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is a KC amusement park which covers 235 acres. This is attached to Oceans of Fun, a water park that opened in 1982 and immediately recognized as the largest water park around the world. But Worlds of Fun generally remains closed during winter. Plan your trip accordingly.

Other attractions:

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is ideal for sports enthusiasts. You can also check out the American Jazz Museum, which features interactive exhibitions and live performances. You can also visit Sea Life Kansas City on Crown Center Square that is less than 10 minutes from Union Station. In Union Station Kansas City, you can witness the model train exhibition and then go to the National WWI Museum and Memorial, and Sea Life Kansas City to add the cherry on the cake.

What the City Has to Offer at Night

Check out the pubs like Howl at the Moon Kansas City which offers live music concert as you take a bite. Cherish the night with outstanding piano. You can also check out the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium for their incredible cocktails.

Where to stay in Kansas City?

Crossroads Hotel is the best choice if you are on a budget. For a hip hop trendy resort checks out the boutique hotel like Hotel Indigo, which is located at Kansas city downtown. This is a fusion place where you can enjoy the ethnicity of the city.

Honeycomb Hostel is yet another great choice which includes amenities like free wi-fi or complimentary breakfast.

Day trips from Kansas city

This travel guide is mostly designed for those who have limited time to travel across Kansas. One day is a short time for one day trip to Kansas. There are plenty of places around the corner of the city which merge modernity and history under the same umbrella. There are various guiding tours organized by learned travel guides to direct you to explore the city in a better way. These one day guided trips come with multiple packages. This is beneficial for the tourists as it permits them to choose the package according to their budget. There are various exciting day trips from Kansas City. For instance, the world’s most giant ball of twine is situated in Cawker City. You can also watch the massive salt mine at Hutchinson, the Jesse James State Home in Kearney, and the world’s largest Titanic museum in Branson if you have enough time. 

Extra tips for visiting Kansas city

-Though Kansas exhibits modest weather around the year yet, there can be an occasional blast of tornadoes and storms in the area. Therefore it’s always a beneficial idea to stay alert of that and keep regular updates of the local news. But apart from that, Kansas City is quite safe and sound. Just the usual safety precautions are enough to survive through the day trip.

It’s a great idea to bag travel insurance before you set your bag pack. Keep your visa, passport, and another identity card safe with you.

Make sure you have everything you need

Make sure to travel light, safe, and stylish, and follow our travel guide.