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Find out the type of traveler you are

Find out the type of traveler you are

. 5 min read

Though different travelers may be headed to the same destination, they may not have the same purpose. While some people visit the destination for self-discovery, others try to broaden their cultural horizons through travel. If you like moving from one goal to another, you should find out the type of traveler you are. Read on!

Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash

The photographer

Photo by Alif Ngoylung on Unsplash

Some travelers are fascinated by stunning views of different places and like capturing every moment. They spend a lot of time capturing images for their travel blogs and getting inspiration from their surroundings. They like capturing the natural beauty of locations of various destinations and create beautiful stories on their blogs or social media platforms. For such a person, traveling may be a full-time commitment that they could be using to earn some money. Such travelers love visiting regions such as Switzerland, Chile, Canada, and Morocco due to their beautiful sceneries.

Tech-savvy travelers

Do you like experimenting on new travel tech gears? You may find yourself being a local tourist to test your device. Tech-savvy travelers have that craving of using different methods out in the field. They, therefore, don’t focus on a specific destination but like exploring all the places which look good.


If you usually target famous holiday destinations, then you are a holidaymaker. Most travelers under this category spend a lot of time in places such as Italy, Greece, and Spain. They like learning Barcelona facts and exploring the great city. Some of them also go on skiing holidays in France and Switzerland.

Holidaymakers may not travel a lot during busy months but like spending their leave days and holidays in such destinations. For instance, they can plan for a vacation at least once a year. To such travelers, this is an opportunity to have fun while exploring a new destination. Holidaymakers spend the busy months saving for their journey and doing extensive research on different targets.

The good planner

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Some people start planning for trips months before the D-day. They travel based on a set schedule and try as much as possible to stick to the plan. They like moving to different destinations as long as they have an organized idea. If you are in this category, you may experience frustrations when things go unexpectedly. Having a proper plan, however, can help you save on some costs and prevent you from going broke in a foreign land.


Do you love adventure? Backpackers like exploring destinations. They rarely visit the same place twice. Most of the backpackers prefer solo traveling and maintain a low budget. If you are backpacker, then you probably prefer visiting remote locations as opposed to sun basking along the beach all day.

Backpackers also love visiting natural environments and get more engaged in physical activities such as hiking. Such travelers like traveling to distant locations. They are free spirits who prefer indulging in every available opportunity. A backpacker hates sticking to conventional rules and follows their gut.

The party goer

While some people travel to explore different places, others look for fun through partying in various regions. The favorite destination of the party-goer is a club or bar. Some of the most preferred destinations for such travelers are Amsterdam, Goa, Ibiza, and Las Vegas. Apart from partying, such travelers also find joy in gambling at the casinos in such destinations. A party-goer needs to put aside a substantial amount to fulfill their traveling needs. The problem with such travelers is that they tend to be spontaneous.


Daredevils rarely sit in an infinity pool in a hotel. They like traveling to places that have risky activities that they can try, such as climbing the tallest mountain or finding the highest bungee jump. They do not mind expenses as long as they get a thrilling experience from their trip. If you want to be such a traveler, you have to be physically fit and know the risks involved in different activities. You should also take the necessary precautions before engaging in dangerous things so that you can avoid injuries and enjoy your journey.

The fashionista

Professionals in the fashion industry also travel a lot. Such people move across the globe seeking new and unique fashion trends that can help them grow their business. Experts in the fashion industry like visiting destinations such as Milan, Spain, and France. You should have a proper budget for this.

Frequent weekenders

These travelers challenge holidaymakers by planning trips to different places at each available opportunity. They do not believe waiting for a whole year to travel to your dream destination. The life of a frequent weekender is fun since most of them are financially stable. They can afford to go on vacations each weekend without going broke. The top destinations of such travelers are within their boundaries since traveling overseas each weekend can be quite costly. That is why frequent weekenders make the best local tourists.

The soul searchers

Travelers who like spending a lot of time by themselves make the best soul searchers. Such people love traveling to different places as a way of finding themselves. They spend time taking long strolls in quiet areas alone or staring over a cliff. If you enjoy walking alone for long through the woods, you may be a soul searcher.


Photo by Vaida Tamošauskaitė on Unsplash

Some people do not find pleasure in traveling alone, so they organize trips with their friends. Such travelers are known as groupies. They love sightseeing as they spend time with their loved ones. They travel as a group to make the most out of their vacation. Going in a group is more affordable since you can always share bills and spaces such as hotel rooms.

Functional travelers

Unlike the rest of the categories where travelers’ sole purpose is it have fun and exploring different places, a practical traveler goes for business trips at specific destinations. They may not have enough time to immerse themselves in fun activities since their priority is the task at hand.