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Best Countries For Adventure Travel

Best Countries For Adventure Travel

. 6 min read

If traveling is already wonderful, imagine if it is to do some incredible activity? Find out which are the best destinations for adventure travel in the world. Adventure travel can be fun if you visit these countries.

Jumping from Bungy Jump, riding the best roller coasters in the world, hopping on an airplane, climbing an active volcano, making one of the most dangerous trails in the world, these are just some of the activities these destinations offer. Discover where to venture around the world and turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a major destination for those seeking adventure travel around the world. With a multitude of attractions full of adrenaline, the country attracts thousands of tourists in search of strong emotions. One of the most sought after sports is Bungy Jump, a sport in which a person jumps on a rope. This is where the world’s first commercial bungee jump came from. Another must-see attraction is the Black Labyrinth in Ruakuri Waitomo cave. The course is made in a buoy and crosses an underground river entitled to this magical view of the glowworms. Zorb Rotorua the fun runs inside the huge plastic balls that roll down the hill and run down whoever is in the way.


Norway is full of places that only the bravest will dare to come. One of them is KjeragBolten, a stone stuck in the middle of a crack in Kjerag mountain, 990 meters high. It takes a lot of courage to stand on this stone, any slip can be fatal. The Kjerag Mountain is also a great place to jump Base Jumping. At the top of the mountain has a plateau with a breathtaking view.

Another place for the forts is Trolltunga, a 700-meter-high rock overlooking Lake Ringedalsvatnet. Its name means Troll’s Tongue, due to its shape being similar to an extended tongue. Getting here is already a challenge and both are 22 km of a steep climb.


The ascent of Mount Hua Shan in China is one of the most dangerous trails in the world and even received the nickname of Death Trail. The course involves stretches of very narrow and precarious wooden boards. Who thought China would be one of the most exciting adventure travels around the world?


Chile is a fantastic country with a very diverse landscape, from beaches to deserts and snow and volcanoes. The adventure tourism in Chile is very strong, with many options for those who enjoy adrenaline, among them, climbing an active volcano.


Patagonia is one of the most beautiful and wild regions of the world, with many options for adventurers. In El Calafate, it is possible to trek on ice in Perito Moreno, the third largest glacier in the world. The Torres del Paine National Park is perfect for those who love adventure in the midst of nature. The famous hiking trails are classics of trekking in Patagonia.


Mexico is a country with exuberant nature and filled with amazing attractions. There are numerous theme parks, zip lines, cenotes, Cliff Diving, diving. The cenotes are underground caves full of stalactites and stalagmites. The waters have a beautiful color and are super crystalline. You must do a cenote guided tour.


Bolivia also has good options for those looking for a little adrenaline. In La Paz, it is possible to practice mountain biking on the famous Death Road, a very narrow gravel road with low visibility, which was known by that name due to the high accident rate on its way. Another fantastic place is the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world. Doing the traditional 3-day tour on the salt plateau is an unforgettable adventure.


The Fuji-Q Highland Park in Fujiyoshida is a full meal for those who enjoy the adrenaline. With 4 record roller coasters in various categories, this park is sure to please many adventurers. And to make it even more exciting, you still have the view of the magnificent Mount Fuji.

These are some of the best adventure travel trips that you can take. So if it is your very first time visiting one of these countries and want to experience excitement, then visiting our suggested sites will be your best bet to have an unforgettable trip.

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