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Awesome Japanese Foods To Try While Traveling!

Awesome Japanese Foods To Try While Traveling!

. 5 min read

Japanese cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in the world. You can find from traditional dishes to exotic Japanese foods, unusual and delicious!

The food in Japan goes way beyond sushi. To tell you the truth, I only ate sushi once in the days I stayed in the country and tasted a huge variety of dishes that I did not even know existed.

1. Yamaimo
It is a root that grows in mountainous regions, in it’s in the natural form it looks like a turnip but with a more elastic and viscous consistency.
It is consumed in summer accompanied with soba noodles, okonomiyaki and with white rice as well. In addition to grated to create a consistent paste, it can be baked and served in slices or gratin.

2. Yuba
Known as tofu skin, it is the result of soy milk heated to 80 degrees. A thin film is carefully removed from the surface and then dried. Yubai is the “cream” of soy milk. In addition, it is considered the meat of the field, because it is rich in It can be prepared fried or served raw with dashi or shoyu broth, it is typical autumn food and delight.

3. Chiragaa
The “face” of the pig is easily found in the supermarkets of large cities in Japan. Typical of southern Okinawa, it can be grilled, fried or served in flakes accompanying vegetables or broths.

4. Shirako

The shirako is the fish sperm pouch, it is served raw for the brave ones in sushi or as an appetizer. It can be marinated and grilled as well.

5. Funazushi

Funazushi is a kind of sushi exclusively made in the region of Lake Biwa, a recipe passed down by generations of the Kitamura family. Exotic food is made with crucible carp, a fish commonly found in northern Europe.
It takes at least eight years before Funazushi is ready. The process begins with the fish in an enclosed barrel filled with rice, with the annual exchange of grains. After four years on the rice, it is dehydrated for one day, then four more will remain inside a barrel full of salt. Despite the strong aroma of food, it is considered a delicacy by the Japanese. In addition, the aesthetics of Funazushi is very beautiful and tempting, worth a try.

6. Shabu-Shabu

I will now talk about the dish that I liked the most – shabu-shabu. This food is cooked on the table in an electric mouth. In the pan has water with seaweed and vegetables, which already give a delicacy flavor. Then just dip the meat that comes in very thin slices (carpaccio type) in the water and wait a few seconds to cook. Then pass the meat or the vegetables in the little ones. See you have a pot of sesame sauce and another of vinegar? Wow, so yummy. And super simple!

7. Yakitori

Since we are talking about ember and grill, let’s talk about yakitori, which are chicken skewers. They can be made from various parts of the chicken, actually, from ALL parts of the chicken. So attention at the time of asking not to end up eating the cartilage of the animals. Hearty all right, right? They are served with a variety of sauces, usually spicy. Or wasabi sauce.

8. Teishoku

I had encountered teishokus in the Japanese restaurants, but I did not know exactly what it meant. I learned it in Japan. Teishoku is a complete meal, made up of several containers with different foods. In English, it would be a set meal. Of course, I ate teishoku several times because it’s great to try different things and if you have something that you do not like, you still probably have several other things that you enjoy.

9. Okonomiyaki

There are people who say it’s a pancake, or pizza or omelet. I do not think any of that is. There is not much to explain. Okonomi means what you want and yaki means grilled or fried. So that’s what you’re all about eating on the plate. It is made with a dough of flour and vegetable broth or fish, eggs, cabbage and other fillings to your liking. It can be vegetable or meat, octopus, squid, shrimp, mushrooms, chives, onion, and even cheese.