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Adventure Ideas For Your Brazil Travel Experience

Adventure Ideas For Your Brazil Travel Experience

. 4 min read

There are tons of great travel experiences that we have enjoyed in Brazil through our travels there. But if you really want to experience what the country has got to offer, then we suggest these following things to do for your trip to Brazil. We know that for our own Brazil travel experience, we had the most fun and enjoyment with our adventures.

Sailing in a private boat on the Amazon River

It is a unique trip to Brazil, we guarantee it. The state of Amazonas, remote and, of course, still not explored in its entirety, houses more rainforest and more indigenous than any other place in the country of Brazil. With few exceptions, the jungle is relatively intact and the opportunities to live a fascinating experience observing fauna and flora are abundant.

The possibilities are many but the most appropriate is a private boat trip, either traditional in hammocks, or in cabins with maximum comfort, which includes hiking, nocturnal observation of alligators, bathing with river dolphins, overnight in the jungle, fishing of piranhas, the sight of communities and canoe tours by local guides. We have gone, have tried it and that is why we can guarantee

Parade in a samba school in the Carnival of Rio

The city of Rio de Janeiro has a special magic and offers the traveler a wide variety of tourist visits and a daily rich itinerary of leisure activities. However, moving to the Sambodromo to make one of the most impressive experiences in the world, parading in the famous carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, is something unique.

There we will meet with a Samba School to place their “Fantasia” ) and concentrate with the rest of the group, to coordinate and rehearse choreography and music. When the time comes, we will enter the Sambodromo before the eyes of half the world and we will be able to feel the emotion that this impressive festival causes.

Relax in the best hotels in Paraty and Trancoso

The fishing village of Trancoso is located on the Costa do Descubrimento, one of the most beautiful coastal regions of Brazil, within the state of Bahia. The natural charm of its beaches and the colonial villa, along with the high level of its accommodation and its small restaurants and art shops have made it a magical place but at the same time very authentic.

South of Rio de Janeiro, the Costa Verde is a unique combination of mountains, tropical jungle, crystalline lagoons, and virgin tropical islands. The best way to explore this natural paradise is a sailboat that will take us to the best and most deserted beaches in the region. In addition, we will have the possibility of knowing one of the colonial jewels of Brazil by the sea, Paraty.

Live the Bahiana and Carioca Life on your trip to Brazil in Salvador and Rio

In Rio de Janeiro, we will leave by metro to make a visit to learn about the life of the native people. It includes a tram ride to the neighborhood of Santa Teresa and a guided walking tour of the historic and commercial center of Rio. We stopped for a delicious carioca juice and ended up having lunch at one of the oldest restaurants in Brazil.

In Salvador, we made a visit that brings us closer to Bahian Life, to the life of its inhabitants. First, we approach the market of Sao Joaquim, one of the largest in Latin America and then we will know a social project that helps children and adolescents to integrate into society using the Afro-Brazilian culture and the religion of the region.

Driving buggies in the Northeast of Brazil

The coast of Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte are among the least urbanized in Brazil. On this trip, through the beaches, there are colorful cliffs, shifting dunes, salt flats, reefs, beaches lined with palm trees and freshwater lagoons. Going through the small fishing villages or spending the night in them, where life slows down, is fascinating. And the best way for the adventurous traveler is to make the route in a buggy.

If in addition, we can do it driving the buggy, it becomes something unique. Always within a safety scheme with guide and mechanic accompanying in another vehicle, we will pass through more than 90 beaches crossing a great variety of landscape and finding totally intact places. All the adrenaline and natural beauty.