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A day’s worth itinerary in Los Angeles

A day’s worth itinerary in Los Angeles

. 5 min read

Exploring the best parts of a city in a single day to visit an adventurous interlude is well-accomplished when one plans and executes a well-planned itinerary. It involves listing out the must-visit places and the ideal map and directions that will take them from home to another in less possible time. These aspects and more certainly work as a handy dandy when you want to make the most of your trip to Los Angeles in a single day. Whether you are new to the city and are eager to explore it in a single day or have landed there on the route while your flight is delayed, this well-thought-out itinerary will undoubtedly help you in achieving your motive.

The home of Hollywood, Los Angeles is one of the most happening places in the United States, second to New York. Also referred to as LA, this global city is considered to be the cultural, commercial, and financial hub of South California.

When is the best time to visit Los Angeles?

Ideally, March to May and September to November are considered to be the best times to visit Los Angeles as you can walk around and visit some of the must-see attractions in the span of a day quite comfortably. Also, summer is when the locals frequent the city’s oceanside neighborhoods, leaving a lot of scope for visitors to enjoy LA when it is not packed with the local crowds. One can visit the city of Los Angeles in between the months of January and February as well. However, it is also when the city is bound for rainfall. Thus, spring and fall are when you have fewer tourists and lower prices when you are considering a budget vacation.

It is imperative to understand that when you want to cover a whole lot of Los Angeles or its major attractions, you need to kick-start your itinerary early in the day while you are prepared to walk long distances to enjoy the city on the route. Be sure of where you start and end your day’s trip and schedule it accordingly to spend quality yet limited time to cover the best of LA on your one-day journey. When in Los Angeles, it is not a cliché but a tradition to visit Hollywood as you can glimpse everything LA here. Thus, contrary to popular beliefs, place it in your one-day in Los Angeles itinerary such that you can end your day under the stars whilst enjoying live performances at the fabulous Hollywood Bowl.

Feel like a Hollywood Star

Start by taking the pathway of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and witness the famous places where most of your favorite movies were shot. There are over 2400 celebrities honored on bronze-marble stars since 1960. Spot your favorite actor and take a selfie to file away in your best moments as the stars are as good as the real deal. From there, head on to the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre that houses the famous prints set on cement situated right at the Theatre’s entrance. Here you will get to see and compare your shoes to the footprints of some of the long-gone entertainers of the yesteryears like Marilyn Monroe or Norma Talmadge or Humphrey Bogart. You can inspect close to 160 celebrity squares with imprints to boast of.

Don’t forget the Madame Tussauds Wax museum or Ripley’s Believe it or not. If you do not want to indulge in these places or worried about budget, take a stroll of Highland where you find people dressed as Superman, Captain America, Batman, to name a few. They are happy to pose for pictures with you for a tip, so make use of the opportunity to file it in your funny yet exciting interlude. However, these characters are not permitted to charge you, hence watch out for the ones who charge extra.

It is easy to reach Santa Monica Boulevard by renting an Uber or driving a rental car. Explore the Beverly Hills City Hall and Beverly Gardens Park. Make memories with beautiful pictures to take back with you. You can also head towards the Rodeo Drive where you find the high-end designer stores to window shop fashion that is currently in.

The Santa Monica Pier

Experience original Southern California’s glorious days first-hand at the Santa Monica Pier that was built in 1908. Indulge in some fun activities like the arcades, roller coaster, and the Ferris wheel. From there on, head on to the Venice Beach for an oceanfront walk. Get lost in the awe-inspiring multitude of street performers ranging from musicians to musclemen to break dancers to apocalyptic evangelists to what not. Here is where you can also indulge in a rented bicycle ride to trail the 8-mile path running along the beach for some adventurous activity.

Photo by DREW GILLIAM on Unsplash

Take time to visit the Third Street Promenade from the pier, which is an open-air shopping center for gathering souvenirs and other collectibles. It is in the downtown area which is skipped due to time-constraint, but if you could make it here, you will be able to either shop or window shop for a wholesome vacation experience.

You could also visit other places like the beaches by skipping Hollywood

You can also plan on visiting Chinatown and use your Japan pick-up lines to impress someone or to get them to tutor some Chinese lines instead. Or you can visit the Malibu beach. But, visiting Hollywood is an LA touring tradition that makes your trip feel complete and fulfilling. And when you are going ahead to follow the stars, conclude your itinerary with the most-anticipated visit to the famous Hollywood Bowl which is indeed legendary. This Greek-style outdoor amphitheater is genuinely one of its kind that cannot be missed and is ideal for late evening entertainments. Watch the live performances of artists, and if you are lucky, your cherished idol may be performing when you visit.

Make sure that you are well-prepared for the current weather in LA while planning your one-day trip. Ensuring that you are carrying warm clothes or an umbrella as per the weather report will help you experience Los Angeles as its natural best.