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5 Unforgettable Europe Travel Ideas

5 Unforgettable Europe Travel Ideas

. 5 min read

Europe is one of our favorite continents and we love to come and go and share our Europe travel experience. We have had many unforgettable experiences in that continent and we decided to share with you what the most unforgettable experiences the continent of Europe have given them. From pub diving to experiencing architectural beauty, here are some ideas that you can try out while traveling in Europe.

Liverpool, England

An unforgettable moment that we lived in Europe was on our first trip to the continent and that was also our first international trip together. We made a point of including Liverpool in the trip plan because we’ve been Beatlemaniac since we were teenagers. We spent only one day in town – we came back to Liverpool later and enjoyed a bit more, staying 3 days – but we visited the most emblematic sites in the history of the Beatles.

It was wonderful to share this emotion with Romulus. We still remember perfectly all the sensations of that day, the temperature, the smell, the unbelievable sensation of being there. For anyone who is a fan of the band is an experience that we point out too much. The most special moments within that wonderful day were to enter the homes where John and Paul grew up and, at the end of the night, descend the stairs of The Cavern a great pub. You cannot forget it and definitely will enjoy every second!

Berlin Wall, Germany

Berlin is my favorite city in Europe. Already we love her, without even having been there more than once. It is that city that we would live without even blinking, but wanting is one thing and power is quite another. And without a doubt, my unforgettable moment here in Europe was when I visited the Berlin Wall for the first time.

It was a lot of emotion to see it in front of me, to imagine everything that happened, to see the memorials and their shocking and sad stories. It is a part of world history that everyone should know. I can go twenty times to Berlin and in twenty times I will visit the Wall. It is definitely unforgettable.

Fatima, Portugal

Among so many sensational and exciting experiences, I highlight a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. Between a trip to Europe, the daughter of a loved friend became very sick and, in the middle of the treatment, doubts arose in her examinations about a possible relapse. Her despair made me make a promise, something not so common in my life, that would pay with a candle lit for Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal.

The months passed, the good news arrived and I went to pay my promise. I found the magic place, I entered with tranquility, I walked to the place where the candles are sold, I bought, I lit and I went to make a prayer of thanks in the Chapel of the Apparitions. There, among the pilgrims, there was a group of people singing a hymn, which really moved me.

Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy

Of the many marvels to be visited in Rome, one of the most unforgettable is the Galleria Borghese, which is located within the homonymous villa, which is one of the largest green parks in Rome. The Galleria Borghese was home to one of the most powerful families of all time, the Borghese, and the museum was born thanks to its private art collection.

There are sculptures by Bernini and Antonio Canova, paintings by Rafael and Caravaggio, just to name a few famous names. In fact, a part of the collection that today is in the Museum of the Louvre was bought from the Borghese family. But if the numerous works of art fascinate us, the building itself leaves us gaping: rooms decorated with marbles, stucco, and ceilings with frescoes of unparalleled beauty.

Friesland, Netherlands

I had many unforgettable experiences in Europe and it was very difficult to choose one. But I love telling you about the typically Dutch New Year I spent with a friend’s family of mine and so that was my choice. They not only welcomed me super well – and for good, read on with gossip, hugs, jokes, fireworks and milk gallon pumps!