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10 amazing places to see in Austria

10 amazing places to see in Austria

. 5 min read

Because there are many incredible places to see in Austria that deserve to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Because Austria is an incredible country, with impressive places to discover and a perfect country to travel by car. Because we would be lying if we said that we have not fallen in love with Austria and that we are looking forward to returning. We leave you a selection of 10 incredible places to see in Austria

Melk Abbey

Leaning over a rocky cliff we find the wonderful Melk Abbey, one of the most impressive places we can find in Austria. While the whole set is an essential traveler we must highlight the Collegiate or Church of the Abbey and its impressive library, where we find more than 80000 volumes of incalculable value.

From Vienna, you can book a Spanish guided bus tour of the Danube and Wachau valleys which includes the beautiful Melk Abbey. One of the best tours and excursions in Vienna


While we can not highlight this place for beauty, we can not fail to think of it as an essential place to know part of the history of the world. In the Mauthausen concentration camp, thousands of prisoners were killed, many of them shot, injected or killed with a lethal gas, although most of them died because of the exploitation they suffered at work, which they carried out without any scrutiny. An estimated 100,000 prisoners were killed in Mauthausen.


Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, Salzburg is one of those cities that fall in love as soon as you get to know them. With a mixture between tradition and modernity, devoting a couple of days to this city surrounded by the Alps, we assure you, is a unique experience.

From Vienna, if you don’t rent a car, you can book a day trip to Salzburg by bus with a Spanish speaking guide.


Who doesn’t know the famous Swarovski brand? In Wattens we can find The Crystal Worlds, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Austria where we can find 14 rooms which are kept some of the most wonderful and brilliant works of Swarovski.

Stubai Valley

Being in Tyrol and not coming to the Stubai Valley is like being in Rome and not meeting in Colosseum. Landscapes with hundreds of shades of green, dotted with traditional houses adorned with flowers and a snowy horizon await us as a backdrop in this area of Austria.


Innsbruck, in the heart of the Austrian Tyrol, is one of those surprising cities, with a fascinating history that does not leave you indifferent. Surrounded by an impressive mountainous landscape, making a stop on the route to enjoy Innsbruck and the surrounding villages, we assure you, is a more than right decision.

Grossglockner Road

If there’s one place you can’t miss in Austria, it’s the Grossglockner Road. We advise you to go with time, as it will only take you a few hours, not counting the stops you will want to make to enjoy one of the most breathtaking landscapes of Austria.


Considered the most beautiful village in the world on the shores of a lake, Hallstatt is one of those villages that seem to have been taken from a children’s tale. We advise you to come prepared to enjoy it with tranquillity since only with seeing a photo we can intuit the tranquillity that is breathed.

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace was the summer residence of the famous Empress Sissi, which is located very close to Vienna and is one of the best things to see in Vienna and throughout Austria. Above all, its spectacular and well-kept gardens are comparable to those of the Palace of Versailles.

If this is your first time in the city it is interesting to book a guided tour of Vienna with a Spanish guide that includes the Palace of Schönbrunn.


On the banks of the river Mur, we find Graz, the capital of Styria and one of the least known cities in Austria. Just to enjoy the views of the city from its incredible Clock Tower, it is already worth making a stop in the city.

We leave you our travel diary for free to Austria where you will find our visit to Graz so you can organize your trip.

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